Precautions for using fasudil hydrochloride injection

1. this product can only be used intravenously, can not be administered by other means (the following patients should be used with caution);

(1) Patients with preoperative diabetes mellitus and those with arteriosclerosis in the main artery during operation should be fully observed for clinical symptoms and computed tomography. If intracranial hemorrhage is found, the drug should be stopped and disposed of properly;

(2) Patients with renal dysfunction (eg, 10 mg once);

(3) Patients with liver dysfunction (possibly delaying metabolism, increasing plasma concentration and enhancing effect);

(4) Patients with severe disturbance of consciousness (less experience, no validity has been established);

(5) Older patients over 70 years of age (the improvement of prognosis function may be invalid, and the validity has not been established);

(6) Patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage complicated with severe cerebrovascular disease (momorrhea, giant cerebral aneurysm, etc.) (no experience, no validity and no risk).

2. When using this product, pay close attention to clinical symptoms and CT changes. If intracranial hemorrhage is found, stop the drug immediately and take appropriate treatment.

3.this product can cause hypotension, so in the course of medication should pay attention to blood pressure changes and drug delivery speed.

4. The time of administration of this product is 2 weeks, and it cannot be used for a long time.