What is the need to pay attention to the usage and dosage of dipeptides?

Intravenous infusion. Since the osmotic pressure of this product is higher than 800 mosm/L, it should be infused from the middle vein.


The dosage used depends on the amount of amino acid required by the human body.


This product is generally recommended to be a daily infusion of 7 ~ 14ml / kg or 70kg body weight per day infusion of 500 ~ 1000ml, equivalent to a daily infusion of amino acids / dipeptide 1 ~ 2g / kg (ie 0.17g) ~0.34g nitrogen).


Recommended infusion rate: 0.6~0.7ml per hour (equivalent to 0.08~0.09g amino acid/dipeptide)/Kg, equivalent to 70kg body weight infusion of 500ml in 10~12 hours, or in 20~24 Instill 1000ml in the hour.


The dose should be adjusted separately for patients with kidney or liver disease.


The product can be continuously infused in the case of clinical needs of the patient. This product has no more than 2 weeks of experience.


The amino acid solution as parenteral nutrition should be used in combination with other infusions that provide energy. At the same time, in order to provide complete parenteral nutrition, this product should be given together with carbohydrates, fat, electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins.


This product is compatible with the following solutions:


1000ml of this product can be combined with 20ml fat emulsion injection 1000ml, 40% glucose injection 1000ml, sodium chloride 80mmol, calcium chloride 5mmol, potassium chloride 60mmol, various trace element injection II10ml, fat-soluble vitamin injection II10ml, The water-soluble vitamin 1 bottle for injection is mixed and used.


Be sure to add in a sterile condition immediately after mixing. Any remaining medication should be discarded or as directed.