Mellon Pharmaceuticals has established an independent product research and development line, cooperated with research institutes such as the National Engineering Research Center to develop drugs, and commissioned domestic compulsory drug companies to produce, establish long-term cooperation and exchange relations, and gained praise and trust. Through market research, the company has set up and cooperated with the R&D plan through the collaboration of internal teams and partners to ensure the high quality and efficiency of R&D projects.

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MLK-C-101 is a cerebral vasodilator that inhibits phosphodiesterase activity, increases the effect of messenger c-GMP on vascular smooth muscle relaxation, selectively increases cerebral blood flow, and inhibits platelet aggregation and reduces human blood viscosity. Enhance red blood cell deformability, improve blood flow and microcirculation, promote brain tissue uptake of glucose, increase brain oxygen consumption, and improve brain metabolism

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This product is an electrolyte supplement. For: 1. hypokalemia caused by various causes; 2. periodic quadriplegia caused by hypokalemia; 3. arrhythmia caused by digitalis poisoning.

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This product is a compound preparation. After entering the intestine, the moisture of the intestinal contents is not absorbed by the colon excessively, thereby lubricating the intestinal tract, softening the feces, increasing the volume of the intestinal contents, and promoting the colon to resume normal physiological movement. . MLK-J-103 can be used to treat functional constipation; intestinal detoxification, intestinal maintenance; preoperative bowel cleansing preparation, colonoscopy and other bowel cleansing preparations before examination.

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Calcium is necessary to maintain normal function of the human nerves, muscles, skeletal system, cell membrane and capillary permeability. Vitamin D can participate in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, promote its absorption and play an important role in bone formation. Due to its large market capacity, Melexine Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development of MLK-X-104 drugs.

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The demand in the Chinese market has given birth to a huge market for calcium supplements. MLK-E-105, which is being developed by Meloxon Pharmaceuticals, is a compound sugar-free preparation with a beautiful and unique appearance. Vitamin D can participate in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. It absorbs and plays an important role in bone formation. Sorbitol can lubricate the intestines and prevent children from compensating for calcium.

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Fever and headache caused by cold, acute upper respiratory tract infection, acute pharyngitis and other diseases become a common disease in children, which seriously affects the healthy growth of children. Melakan Pharmaceutical is developing MLK-Y-106 to treat or alleviate fever, pain or inflammation caused by various diseases, rectal administration, and provide a more convenient treatment for patients who are unable or unwilling to swallow or have vomiting. Medication route.

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This product is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is used for antipyretic in infants and young children to relieve mild headache, sore throat and toothache caused by cold flu. With reference to existing domestic standards, the quality standards of MLK-Y-107 preparations are improved in research and development to better control related substances and ensure product quality.

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