2016 Mellon Pharmaceuticals National Investment Promotion Conference ended successfully

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the host officially kicked off the meeting with the poems of“light rain, small lotus, and hyacinth”. The conference has a total of 46 people, including more than 30 people from other provinces, including Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, South China and Central China. In the morning meeting, Mr. Fang’s speech was opened, and the introduction and planning of Li’s company and the product introduction of the general manager of the market were carried out. In the afternoon, the experience of the clothing manager’s special clothing food sharing and Xie’s sales management ideas and the provincial and district districts were responsible. The analysis of the market situation of the people was reported, and the 19:00 meeting was successfully concluded.


The success of this conference is inseparable from the early integrity communication of Mr. Li and Xie Zong, and the strong backing of Fang Zong. It is also inseparable from the hard work of the logistics support department. The whole appearance of the conference presents the professionalism and warmth of Meloxon Pharmaceutical.