"Reassuring goods, satisfactory service" is the quality value of Meloxon, and established a quality management network centered on the Quality Management Department and a strict drug quality control system. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of GSP and other relevant national standards, the company has established a GSP work leading group under the responsibility of the general manager, and has developed a complete quality management system and standard operating procedures for each link of business operations in the import, sale and storage. With strict scientific attitude, strict quality system and strict management system, we actively promote total quality management, not only implement quality management to the daily management work, but also bring quality responsibility to the people, so that the quality consciousness is deeply rooted. The thinking of each employee. With a strong quality management human resources team and a solid quality management infrastructure, the company strictly controls the quality management of "six customs": planning procurement, warehousing inspection and acceptance, in the warehouse maintenance, out of the warehouse review, distribution guarantee After-sales service. Resolutely prevent one, one, and one counterfeit and inferior drug from flowing into the company and into the society.

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