corporate vision


Be a Chinese medical health industry service provider


Mellon's vision shows that in the future development process, the company will focus on the modernization and standardization of the pharmaceutical and health industry with China as the main development area, and promote the cooperation and sustainable development of the industry; Quality service providers with standardized, management science, outstanding performance, high return on shareholders and leading brand image are constantly striving.



Our Mission


Providing cost-effective services to the pharmaceutical health industry


The pharmaceutical health industry is the service target of Melex. The high cost performance is the direction that the company has been striving and pursuing. The company will reduce the circulation cost and improve the operation efficiency by rapidly expanding the network coverage and utilizing modern technology and service concepts. Customers provide cost-effective services; they also strive to provide high-quality products, excellent accompanying services, and ensure the safety of the people's medications, and finally let the people enjoy high-value products and services.

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