Since its establishment in 2008, the company has established a core business based on the distribution of prescription drugs and pure hospital sales, and has defined the corporate philosophy of corporate philosophy and business portfolio. As the core business of the enterprise gradually matures, new business and new business models are beginning to be explored and further advanced.


The hospital's pure sales business is the company's core business. In order to better serve the terminal market of medical institutions, Melex is aiming at the hospital business, improving the service capacity and operation quality through team specialization and standardized operation, and improving the overall sales scale and profitability. In 2009, Melco implemented a “cost control, efficient and flexible” drug distribution model. After several years of development, it has a complete variety structure and rich customer resources. The products cover more than 3,000 hospitals at all levels, and more than 350 cooperative dealers at all levels. In order to comply with the changes in the Chinese pharmaceutical market, Melco has taken various measures to promote high growth rate of its core business. In 2013, it achieved sales revenue of 65 million US dollars. In 2014, the company expects growth rate of more than 30%.

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